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Lowering cholesterol is it dangerous?

5 steps to take before you target the cholesterol When you are told something: Is it true? Is it useful? Does it help? There is no bigger controversy today than the cholesterol issue.{Maybe the vaccine issue :)} 1908 was the first time diet was linked to...

5 Reasons why we are a sick and what we can do about it

5 Reasons why we are sick and what we can do about it A healthy outside starts from the inside. Credits: 123rf 22 years as a practicing physician I have heard the same complaint “Our healthcare system is broken”.82% of our 3.4 trillion dollars in healthcare is spent...

How do I know if this is my Thyroid?

Do you know what the thyroid does? ( if you hate reading just go to the Videos ) One of the most common questions I get is how do I know if this is my thyroid?   In this article, you will learn what the thyroid really is and how to determine if the problems you...


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