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How do I work with Dr. Chellam?

To establish a physician-patient relationship with Dr. Nisha Chellam, you may sign up for a Parsley Health membership HERE, and reside in one of 11+ states that Dr. Chellam is licensed in. Currently, only virtual appointments with Dr. Chellam are offered through Parsley Health. To learn more about Parsley Health, membership options, and to speak with a membership advisor, visit

What is Holistic ICON?

Holistic ICON is a response to the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine to address our population’s most pressing health issues, 89% of which are lifestyle induced. Holistic ICON opened its doors in 2015 as a patient-centered functional medicine practice on a mission to empower and educate the community. 

Now, Holistic ICON functions as an educational hub for all things health. You can learn online through our various self-paced courses, subscribe to the podcast Women Wired for Wellness, or join Parsley Health for individualized functional medicine care.

How is Holistic ICON different?

When people are sick or have a disease it is because there has been a systematic failure and long-term disturbances that created the disease process. It takes time and testing to get to the multiple factors environmental, mind-body connection, and genetic makeup influencing the disease process. We have to identify the triggers and tease out the factors that keep you sick including toxins, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, digestive dysfunction, psychological and spiritual dysequilibrium. To change how the systems function and to keep on track of healing, we all need support and community. The one pill for every ill has not worked and so we need to think outside the box. You must participate in your healing 100%, this requires commitment and dedication on your part and a relationship with your wellness team.

To get started, please visit our Online Courses; if you wish to work directly with Dr. Chellam, you can sign up with a Parsley Health membership.  

Can I work with Dr. Chellam if I live outside of Michigan?

Yes of course! Dr. Chellam is licensed in over 11 states; consultations are done via Telehealth. Click HERE for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Is Dr. Chellam available for speaking events?

Yes, of course. Dr. Chellam has been participating in education and speaking for some time. It is her passion to educate the community and create an awareness of true healing and health and the empowerment each person has to remain healthy. You may also apply to be a guest on Dr. Chellam’s podcast, Women Wired for Wellness. Please contact Dr. Chellam directly at for inquiries.

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