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What Conditions Do We Treat?

We Address the Root Cause of Your Illness


We have all been through the process of eating healthy trying weight loss and failing over and over to achieve the healthy goals. It is not simply about calories in and calories out. It is a complex mechanism of hormonal imbalances and gut dysfunction and the deficiency of nutrients and uncontrolled inflammation. We address the foundation of this imbalance and revitalize the body so you may be able to feel well again and attain that healthy body weight.


Anxiety and depression may simply be a symptom of a system imbalance and not a chemical imbalance. The goal would be to seek that breakdown and restore that harmony to a healthy mind.


If you are plagued with stomach issues whether it be constipation or irritable bowel, heartburn or reflux they all indicate significant abnormality in your gastrointestinal system. This is the place all of your nutrients are absorbed and the population of the bacteria is crucial to your well-being. We create a plan to restore that balance and health and therefore restore your nourishment and well-being.


Hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, difficulty losing weight and extreme fatigue and migraine headaches, all can denote thyroid dysfunction. This is the master metabolic gland which is noted to become more and more dysfunctional and disrupted more frequently. The causes are varied and our goal is to identify the true nature of the disease in an individual. We identify this with proper testing and address the points for restoration of optimal functioning.


Feeling fatigue, tired and listless is not normal, not at any age. We look for root causes and hormonal imbalances and help you naturally heal and enjoy sleep restoration and energy and vitality by addressing the imbalances and its cause. We strive to do this naturally.


90% of the thyroid conditions are autoimmune. Many arthritic and skin conditions are also autoimmune. They indicate a considerable level of inflammation in the body and a systematic breakdown of your immunity. We address the root cause and help you rebuild your health. Medications only suppress and manage the symptoms at its best.

What Is Your Investment?

Any of the above conditions and any lifestyle induced conditions need time to be investigated to identify causes and treatment. Our programs run from 3 months to 6 months and sometimes even 12 months.

Fees are bundled to include your:

  • Blood work (those not covered by insurance),
  •  Functional stool analysis,
  •  Hormone analysis,
  •  Medical detox (gut and liver repair system),
  •  Supplements a limited bank,
  •  Wellness coaching,
  •  Doctor’s appointments.

This way you know both your time and financial investment upfront.

The programs can be as low as $150 per month to $500 per month depending on the level of complexity and involvement of the staff.

Call us today. You owe it to yourself – there is not better time to start than right now.

One Secret You Need To Know…

What does health look like to you?

What to Expect When you Seek us Out:

We like to educate our clients. This is the only way to stay empowered.

Once you connect with us we will have a consultation to address your goals. If you are a right fit for our practice we will create this partnership. You will be empowered via an educational curriculum that is best suited to help you get healthy and sustain this health. We do this in a systematic way with mentorship from a health and wellness coach and precise goals being defined.

Call us if you’ve been searching for “functional medicine near me.” Our patients come to us from Commerce Charter Twp, Farmington Hills/Farmington, Livonia, Novi, Wixom and nearby areas.

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