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Discovery Appointment (initial consultation)

$389 - 1 hr. appointment (discount available with code after webinar or seminar)

  • In person or online with Dr. Chellam
  • Review of detailed health history
  • Review of current/previous lab work
  • Physical exam if in person
  • Review of personal health goals
  • Review of functional imbalances
  • Assessment of the testing needed to pursue wellness

The goal of this appointment is to look at your unique health concerns and discuss how we
can assist you in reaching your health goals. This is the starting point to understanding your
disease process and how you can shift the path from disease to wellness.
Since this is only an initial consultation, in order to pursue resolution of symptoms you must
join one of the programs we recommend for you. Should you wish to pursue resolution, the
cost of this appointment will be rolled into your program.

15 Minute Courtesy Call

No Charge - 15-minute phone call

This is for someone who has attended the seminar or webinar and is not sure if this is the right
path for them to choose. Discuss your concerns and goals with Dr.Chellam in a quick 15 - minute phone call to decide if continuing to the Discovery Appointment is a good fit for you.

  • Fill symptom questionnaire prior to phone appointment
  • 15-minute phone call with the doctor to discuss goals

Repair and Renew Program

call office for pricing options

3-month program: Can be done fully online

  • Complete functional history and evaluation
  • Evaluation of functional medical labs
    • Functional lab testing will be recommended on an individual basis. The lab work is billed through insurance

      and the patient will be responsible for the balance. Lab testing fees are NOT included in the program price.

      Lab testing depends on each individual’s needs and their insurance provider’s coverage.

      (you are advised to have a budget of $400 - $800 out of pocket lab testing expenses)

  • Individualized lifestyle plan to directly address imbalances
    • Nutrition plan with meal plans and shopping lists
    • Address mind/body lifestyle habits
    • Medications
    • Supplements
  • 28-day personalized detox
    • Detox Supplements included
    • Personalized detox program with ongoing support
  • Up to 3 doctor’s appointments to track progress and modify plan as needed (one group)
  • Ongoing group nutrition coaching and support
  • Functional medicine and integrative nutrition education
  • Specific vitamin/supplement recommendations based on lab work and symptoms
    • 15% discount on professional-grade supplements through our website
    • Supplement cost is NOT included in the program
  • Unlimited texting and email support throughout program
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Online patient portal
    • Complete transparency and access to all your records, labs, and treatment plan
  • HSA/Flex reimbursable
    • Dr. Chellam will provide the detailed “superbill” invoicing with ICD-10 codes to satisfy your HSA/Flex account

      reimbursements, except for Medicare patients.

This program provides a stepping stone (taking action) to taking control of your health. YOU are responsible for putting in the

time and effort required to achieve your goals. This program is recommended for those that require a restoration of gut

health. We educate and give you the tools to understand how the daily choices you make affect your health and well-being.

Those who are able to commit to their health see great results and progress – but not always complete resolution. This is a 3

month program- it took you all your life to get sick, you will not fully resolve all your symptoms in three months. With our

guidance and professional expertise, you can be confident that you are on the right track to regaining your health so long as

you are able to commit to making your health a priority. Our goal is to give you the tools, knowledge and skills to become

responsible for your own health and well-being.

* one-time payment paid in full - for financing or installments please contact the office

Complete Restoration Program

call office for pricing options

6-month program: Can be done fully online

This program includes everything as the “Repair and Renew” but with additional support,

coaching and doctor’s visits (5 one-on-one appointments).

This program is recommended for individuals with a multitude of issues who need more one-on-

one support. Please review the “Repair and Renew” program to understand what is offered and

what is required by the client. For the dedicated individual who is able to prioritize their health

and commit to the recommendations made, resolution of symptoms is guaranteed as will be

discussed in the initial consultation.

* one-time payment paid in full - for financing or installments please contact the office

Functional Lab Review

call office for pricing options 

2 hour appointment after initial consultation

During the Discovery Appointment, a complete functional evaluation is done and functional lab

work will be recommended based on health status and personal wellness goals.

What is included in the Functional Lab Review:

  • Requisition for functional lab work
    • Functional lab testing will be recommended on an individual basis. The lab

      work is billed through insurance if possible and the patient will be responsible

      for the balance. Lab testing fees are NOT included in the program price. Lab

      testing depends on each individual’s needs.

      (you are advised to have a budget of $400 - $800 out of pocket lab testing


  • 2 hour appointment to review lab work and discuss what lifestyle factors contribute to


  • Understand your health risk through detailed functional lab work.
  • Recommendations for vitamin/supplements
    • 15% discount on professional-grade supplements ordered through our website.

      Cost of supplements is NOT covered.

      (you are advised to have a budget of $400 - $500 for supplements)

The Functional Lab Review pays for the doctor’s professional expertise in assessing your lab

work from both a conventional medicine and functional medicine perspective. This provides a

start for individuals who are seeking answers to health ailments that have not been resolved

through their regular doctors. Functional lab work provides a more detailed picture of

imbalance in the body than conventional lab work done by most primary care physicians. This

allows the client to begin to understand where their dysfunction stems from and how lifestyle

has contributed to this. (This covers the doctor’s expertise and time for case review before and

during your appointment.)

The Functional Lab Review provides detailed medical answers. It is up to the client to act on this

information, whether on their own or deciding to progress onto another one of our programs,

based on need. No resolution is provided within the Functional Lab Review as resolution takes

ongoing effort, time and support on the part of the client. For resolution options please see the

“Repair and Renew” and “Complete Restoration” programs.

Follow-up Visit


call office for pricing options

This is a pay-as- you-go option for established clients who have been

through a program but are not ongoing members.

  • Physical exam
  • Evaluation of blood work or other lab testing

Membership Program

Call office for pricing options


12 month commitment


For individuals who have completed a full program (Repair and Renew or Complete
Restoration) and would like to continue to invest in their health with us through ongoing


  • 4 doctor appointments per year
    • Physical exam
    • Expanded functional lab testing billed through insurance
    • Lab testing evaluation
    • Integrative nutrition coaching
  • Access to group coaching with doctor and integrative nutritionist
  • 15% Discount on supplements
  • Patient portal
  • Email and texting access
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Time with the Provider!



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