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Holistic Approach

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Testing & Diagnosis

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28-Day Metabolic Reset

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At Holistic ICON, our goal is to help our patients reach their maximum state of vitality and health using a personalized, comprehensive approach through the principles of functional medicine. This combination of the science of medicine and art of healing method allows us to address the root cause of our patients’ conditions and to truly prevent and reverse disease rather than merely treating the symptoms of it.

Reverse Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is the result of your cells inability to respond to insulin. We look for the root cause of insulin resistance which is also the cause of weight gain in women over 40, and address it naturally with the objective to stop any medications after your health and balance have been restored. Type I diabetes is due to an autoimmune process that results in a lack of insulin. We get to the root cause and prevent further autoimmune processes from developing with the goal of reducing medication and increasing quality of life dramatically.

Balance Hormones

When you reach 40 suddenly everything changes. The system feels like it needs to re-balance. Hormone imbalances can adversely impact your emotions, weight, sleep, reproductive system, and more causing a myriad of unwanted symptoms. Our advanced precision testing lets us pinpoint your unique imbalances to restore function and vitality.

Lose Stubborn Weight

Women come to us after almost a decade of suffering from inability to lose wight and a myriad of symptoms related to weight gain. Using advanced testing, we find the metabolic, hormonal and environmental factors that might be keeping you from losing weight. Then, we create a personalized plan to help you reach your goal weight and maintain it naturally with food and supplements. Sometimes it as simple as adding what the body needs and removing what is in it’s way to heal.

End Thyroid Dysfunction

90% of people taking thyroid hormone still have symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. First, we rule out autoimmune disorders as well as other conditions with advanced testing, and then we create a comprehensive plan to help relieve your symptoms for good.

Overcome Chronic Fatigue

The root cause of Chronic Fatigue can be food sensitivities, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, stealth infections, environmental toxins, poor nutrient status, and more. We will discover what’s making you sick and create a detailed action plan to kick start your bodies healing process.

Uncover Autoimmune Triggers

The body’s immunity must stay in balance for true lasting health. Uncovering autoimmune triggers, even something as seemly benign as seasonal allergies, can help diagnose immune system issues. Resolving these issues and triggers can truly revive your wellbeing.

AND More...

Our philosophy at Holistic ICON is everyone is entitled to a fulfilling life. Optimal health is a major pillar to help you do this. We use advanced testing to uncover your metabolic blueprint. Then, using the power of precision functional, holistic and personalized medicine, we’ll set you on the path of healing and increased vitality so that you can fulfill your passion in life. View All Conditions >


Dr. Nisha Chellam is a board-certified internist who is also board-certified in integrative and holistic medicine.

Dr. Chellam switched from “mindless medicine” to functional medicine in 2012 when she founded Holistic and Integrative Center of Novi (Holistic ICON) where she teaches, empowers and guides clients to a state of wellness and lasting vitality.

Dr. Chellam believes that any motivated person, at any age, can regain their health.

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