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Transform Your Thyroid

7 Steps to Overcome Fatigue, Depression, Weight Gain and Take Your Life Back

Big Brain, Small Belly

The Busy Woman’s 30 Day Detox to Eliminate Brain Fog, Fatigue, Chronic Pain and Lose Weight Once and For All

Natural Supplements

Thyroid Support Complex

A blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to support optimal thyroid gland function.

B-Complex Plus

B-Complex Plus is a blend of various B vitamins essential for proper functioning of the nervous system.

Probiotic 50B

A probiotic formula that offers 50 billion colony forming units (CFU) for digestive and immune health.

Pancreatic VegEnzymes

Pancreatic VegEnzymes is a plant-based formula designed to aid the body’s natural digestive process.

MegaFood Multi for Women

A blend of natural vitamins and minerals that support a woman’s unique physiological and hormonal needs.

Daily Maca Plus for Women

A nutrient booster mixed in drinks designed to promote overall health and maintain normal hormone balance.


Ashwagandha supports resistance to stress, promotes stamina and energy, and promotes general well-being.

Healthy Hair & Nails

Healthy Hair & Nails formula was developered to strengthen hair and nails from within.


Helps purify the blood; supports healthy heart, liver, lungs, circulation and nervous system.

Brahmi (Bacopa)

Brain tonic for optimal mental functioning, useful for mental fatigue; supports concentration and memory.

Smooth Cycle

Helps balance hormonal fluctuations; helps with cramping and irritability; naturally elevates energy.

Greens First Female

Includes scientifically studied and documented strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria for women.

Activated Essentials

Three-part bundle designed to help you get the most out of your health without stocking your cabinet.

Smooth Cycle

Helps balance hormonal fluctuations; helps with cramping and irritability; naturally elevates energy.

Protandim Dual Synergizer

Protandim Dual Synergizer is designed to slow down the aging process and improve your overall health.

Greens First PRO

Greens First® is the delicious, fast and easy way for the entire family to enjoy the phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits of a diet rich in dark greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables in one, easy-to-use product. Join the Greens First Revolution to maximize your health and overall well-being!

Greens First Kids

Greens First® Kids is packed with a variety of Organic Superfoods, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Organic Flax Seeds, gentle Organic Fiber, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes! It’s a fast and convenient way to give kids the nourishment they need any time of the day!

Testing & Diagnosis

Get a state-of-health blueprint based on advanced lab work.



28-Day Metabolic Reset

Start your journey to wellness with our natural detox program.

90-Day Repair & Renewal

Heal yourself with a personalized nutrition & wellness plan.

Optimal Wellness Program

Achieve peak health with our 1-year membership program.

Organic and Anti oxidant Mushroom based Beverages

Premium Organic King of Coffee

Organo™ Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee is a rich medium dark arabica roast organic black coffee.

Organo™ Gourmet Black Coffee

Bold and flavorful gourmet coffee with 100% certified organic Ganoderma lucidum. Schedule for auto ship.

Organo™ Organic Green Tea 

Mild, refreshing, and soothing organic green tea with organic Ganoderma lucidum. Schedule for Auto-ship now.

The Best Bio-available CBD 

Hemp Free Sleep Support

UltraDream is a blend of natural sleep aids like GABA and melatonin and our proprietary Mimetix™ formula of ingredients. Using UltraCell™ technology,

Zilis-Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical

UltraCell® – Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical.Topical with essential oils for a clean feel. Make sure to keep your product available and on-hand through a monthly Autoship.

Zilis-Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

A full spectrum oil extract that is designed to help with energy, pain, movement and sleep. Zilis products are shown to absorb much better than most CBD products. 


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