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Food can either promote our wellness or facilitate disease. If you’re looking for expert guidance on food selection and preparation, Marina Shanafelt, MS, CNS​, our highly experienced integrative nutritionist, is here for you. Her expertise, combined with Dr. Chellam’s functional approach to medicine, will teach you how to turn your food into healing medicine. Don’t wait! You can start to feel better right away!

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nutritionist consultation


Customized Nutritional Support

Individual Nutrition Consultation - $140

Get started on the right track to your health and wellness goals with a nutrition consultation with Marina Shanafelt, MS, CNS.

In this 45-minute visit, we will discuss your health goals, current symptoms, and simple steps you can take to start to improve your health and well-being. Marina provides a judgment-free, open, weight-inclusive approach to make nutrition simple and on your own terms.

Find new motivation and confidence, without fad-diets and overwhelm. Marina will help you to break down nutrition information and get clear on what steps to take!

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Nutrition Consultations (2) - $250

Two is better than one! Commit to your health with two consultations at a discounted price. Get the follow-up you need to stay on track, get support as you make the transitions, and get an overall boost of motivation in between sessions!

Book two 45-minute sessions to maximize your follow-through and make sure you get the support you need. The second session will be booked at the end of the initial session. Email follow-up in between sessions is included!

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online courses



5 Days for a Healthy, Refreshed YOU – $9.99

Join your Functional Nutritionist, Marina Shanafelt, MS, CNS, to discover the basics to reducing inflammation, supporting detox and reducing insulin resistance – no calorie counting or guilt involved! Learn how to create simple meals that promote health so you have the tools for longevity.

  • Day 1: Reducing Inflammation Through Food
  • Day 2: Reading Labels and Pantry Clean Out
  • Day 3: Cooking Breakfast, Snacks, and Dips
  • Day 4: Dinner Party! Dinner + Dessert
  • Day 5: Genetics and Nutrition with Dr. Nisha Chellam

If you have any questions please call our office at 248.859.4636 or email marinas17@holisticicon.com.Register Now

whole-body detoxification



Transform Your Health in 45 days! - $1500

Lose weight, sleep better, feel great, improve your skin, and get on a path to long-term health. Our group detoxification program provides the support you need to succeed in your weight loss goals and feel better – fast! No skipping meals or counting calories, this program will help you to rebuild the foundation of your health, for sustainable results.

We provide the step-by-step process for you to successfully complete a 45-day detox. All you need to do is show up. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you!

Program Benefits:

  • Physician-grade detox nutraceuticals ( provided to you- $750 value)
  • Live support from nutritionist, Marina Shanafelt MS, CNS
  • Step by step guidance of rebuilding the gut
  • Step by step education on resetting hormones and metabolism
  • Clear skin conditions
  • Reset metabolism to lose weight
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Step by Step guidance on elimination and addition and the proprietary detoxification process
  • Access to online community offering group support, expert guidance and live sessions 

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Confused, overwhelmed or Have Questions?

Schedule a 30-Minute Nutrition Consultation Call with Marina Shanafelt, MS, Integrative Nutritionist

Discuss your health and wellness goals and receive a personalized health action plan.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Contact Me & Start Your Journey to Health Today!

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