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The current system of medical care isn’t working very well. Instead of merely reacting to disease symptoms with prescription medications, we take a comprehensive approach, employing the principles of functional medicine, to identify and treat the root causes of conditions.

At Holistic ICON, we address all factors impacting a patient’s health including inflammation, insufficient sleep, poor diet, stress, immune imbalances, hormone imbalances, trauma, emotional issues, exercise, digestive issues, toxin exposure and more.

Our wellness programs identify and remove allergens, parasites, yeast, infections, bad bacteria and toxins that are making you ill.

We also target inflammation and immune triggers, balance hormones, and reverse nutrient deficiencies with diet, good bacteria, natural supplements and healthy lifestyle choices allowing your body to function optimally.

Below is a partial list of conditions we treat. Click on the condition to view more.

Testing & Diagnosis

Get a state-of-health blueprint based on advanced lab work.



28-Day Metabolic Reset

Start your journey to wellness with our natural detox program.

90-Day Repair & Renewal

Heal yourself with a personalized nutrition & wellness plan.

Optimal Wellness Program

Achieve peak health with our 1-year membership program.

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Conditions We Treat