About Holistic ICON

The Holistic and Integrative Center of Novi


At Holistic ICON, we use the science of medicine and the art of healing, using the principles of functional medicine, to get to the root cause to help our patients achieve optimal health, youthful vitality and weight loss. – Dr. Chellam

“At Holistic ICON, we use a whole-body approach powered by science-based functional medicine, integrative therapies and natural supplements to help our patients achieve optimal health, youthful vitality and weight loss.” – Dr. Chellam

What does Holistic ICON do?

Chronic disease, like diabetes or hypertension, is a growing problem. 67% of the country has one chronic disease or the other. Medical care is about managing these diseases. So where does a patient who does not want to live with chronic disease go? This is the business we are in. We work with our patients to address the real cause of their diseases. We do this by understanding their health journey. We do very specialized testing that reveals the true nature of their disease process.

Patients need a plan that is practical and will work for them. Our goal is to help them understand their own needs and adapt new ways of living to help them thrive.

Experts in Functional Medicine

What is Functional medicine? It is simple as asking the right questions. Why are you not healing? What do you need to do? OR what do you need to remove? How do we find these answers? We get to know you and do the right testing. As simple as that. 

Holistic & Integrated Approach

Our focus is to help you heal. This means we need to know you well, and we need to encourage you to know your needs well. We help you in this journey with testing and education. 

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tools

We have space shuttles getting to Mars. Yet, the testing we do today is what we did in 1990! Medicine has advanced in leaps and bounces but we are still stuck in the past. The reality is te the testing we have available today can help uncover inflammation. It can help us understand your genetic makeup. It helps us understand the exact cause of the problem you have. We use these cutting edge testing to et the answers we need. 

Empowered Patients

Your health will not improve unless you decide you want it to. That is where we help you. Imagine understanding how your diet impacts you. Imagine making the changes you need to with ease. How can we do this? We are your accountability partner, and we also educate you in the process. This makes you independent and helps you make health a priority. Think of us as the school for personal healing.

Testing & Diagnosis

Pinpoint your symptoms' root cause with advanced lab work.



Whole-Body Detox

Start your journey to wellness with our natural detox program.

Nutrition Guidance

Heal yourself with expert guidance on food & supplements.


Finally get the answers and help you deserve and feel great again!

Get to Know Dr. Nisha Chellam

Dr. Chellam is a “recovering physician”. What does that mean? Medical school is about learning diseases and managing to slow the progress. What do patients want? Patients want to resolve their disease. A recovered physician moves from medications as the only option to treating disease. Instead, is there a way we can rebuild health and resolve the disease? 

 Dr. Chellam struggled for years with Migraines and Hashimotos. She was able to resolve these by learning and applying Functional medicine. And that is what she practices now. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. When there is so much information, the goal of the practice is to simplify this information. The power of nutrition is best when we personalize it. Lifestyle changes are tough. How do we systematize it? We do testing that helps identify your individual meed and optimize your health. 

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