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Have you noticed the paradigm shift? First in your insurance and second in the expectation of the care you can get?

Let me explain.

  • Imagine the very first time you went to seek medical care for a headache. Migraine headaches run in your family and you do not want to suffer like them. Imagine you went to your doctor and discovered the origin of the headache and found a way it does not recrudesce. You enjoy normalcy again. That would be remarkable.

  • Imagine you have aunts with breast cancer, an uncle with colon cancer and your dad with prostate cancer all due to genetic risk. Your mother’s side is riddled with heart disease and depression. You seek prevention from all of this and you are given tools and education and feel empowered never to develop any of these diseases, despite the genetics. That would be remarkable.

  • Imagine you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and had crippling joint pains and stiffness. You seek help and instead of a pill for the ill you actually know the exact cause of the arthritis. You address this and the rheumatoid markers go away and you are back to health and vitality and not a lifetime of pain. That would be remarkable.

Since people have not set such remarkable results as their sacrosanct requisite to their medical care it does not happen. Instead going to a medical professional and getting their disease diagnosed only to be matched to a drug that is the care we get.

I am sure you noticed your insurance is slowly shifting the burden and cost of your care to you. Despite the fact the number one reason for personal bankruptcies is catastrophic medical care we rarely feel invested in our own care.  More and more people are seeking out “natural “remedies.  Well here is some disquieting news. The “supplement” industry is a 13 billion dollar industry and fast growing. People are seeking various natural remedies in the hope of not taking “medicines’ but spend easily 200 to 350 dollars a month on supplements that at best work as a placebo.  Then there is this other faction of people that walk around proudly stating they do not take any medications but have high blood pressure high cholesterol and stiff joints. Living in their bluff only leads to harm.


The only way we can get our health back is to understand 3 core values:

  • Disease is a delusion

  • All disease begins in your gut (your connection with food)

  • The best doctor you can ever have is you.

We need to speak of diseases of lifestyle accurately. We do not “get” diabetes, cancer, hypertension or heart disease. We “develop” them.  Our internal system creates these in response to an insult or trigger. We get infections and it is appropriate to treat these with drugs as we “get” infected with a microbe.


So here are the five steps you need to take to tackle an ongoing chronic, non-communicable disease

  • Understand there is a root cause or trigger (physical, chemical or emotional).

  • Seek the right testing

  • Address the root cause by giving the body what it needs and remove what might be harming it.

  • Work with a team to help rebuild health not suppress symptoms, preferably a functional medical practitioner

  • The approach should be systematic and include all aspects of your life.

Once we invest in our health, the cost of care will go down and we can create the shift needed and gain remarkable care.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        dR.Nisha Chellam

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