Here is a Rap you can think off when you have a health problem

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Functional Medicine in 5 min

Tick Tick Tick
My heart is sick
I got a pill
So I am not so ill
I am still not so well
If I don’t take the pill that they sell
I need to ask why
I need to try
To get back my  health
Before my illness squanders my wealth
I should find out why am I breaking?
Instead of sitting back and taking
The box of injections and medications
That seem to ruin all of my vacations
All this so I may live and not die
Is anyone able to hear my cry?
For I hear that people can heal
If they know how to create a meal
That their gut can withstand
And can cure that pain in their hand
So I need to focus on function not resign to this dysfunction that is blamed
and can only be named to be tamed
I need to heal
And not have to deal
With this growing list of symptoms and diseases
As my body breaks down to tiny pieces
I truly need to be with my family and friend
I truly need to live long, strong and with dignity till the end
For the end will come and that is one rule we cannot bend
So here is the only message I really want to send

Find out why I am really sick as it may be a food, an emotion or a tick

Empower me to take care of myself so I am alive and not dead before I am truly dead
’nuff said.
dR.Nisha Chellam

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