What we Focus on Grows: 3 steps to being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

The key to success in life is to focus on things we desire not things we fear

Once sick always sick

The greatest gift is being able to forget, forget the bad things and focus on the good

Some Days I look at my schedule of patients and want to sigh.

Not because they have difficult problems, but they have something stopping their healing process and their success, that they cannot overcome.


Is Sickness a choice?

When the roots are so strong, the tug to pull it out has to be persistent and long.

Like they say they have found their “ why” to stay sick.

I recently had a patient who had been very sick for so long. She had a terrible condition that would put her into anaphylactic shock due to a genetic risk and inflammation in her gut.

She was seen by specialists and placed on medications, but still had these frightening symptoms. She decided to try another approach as she continued to feel poorly.

She would have an anaphylactic shock the minute she ate something that her body reacted to or at a certain time of her menstrual cycle. That is a very frightening place to be. The wrong food she ate would give her “bloody” stools.

So her diet was very restricted, as she went on a personal journey on the internet to find her “cure”. Which is how she found me.

After 8 months of addressing her issues, a slow process, she had the following changes happen:

She ate chicken for the first time in 1 year, without a reaction.

She was able to eat grains without a reaction.

She was able to drink a glass of wine and not pass out due to a reaction.

Her medications were cut in half due to improvement.

She, working with our life coach has found the job of her dreams and a new purpose in life.

What does she tell me:

Nothing has changed I am so frustrated”

She was speaking from a fear of her past.

We somehow have identified ourselves with illness for so long that it becomes difficult to erase it from our memories.

She has identified herself as being sick for so long, especially when it is a dramatic illness that is life-threatening, that small changes in wellness do not seem like progress.

How many of us live life looking in the rearview mirror?

Have you survived a deadly disease and still fear this will be back?

If so here are the steps to take:

  1. Understand why you had the disease, to begin with.

  2. What have you done differently to prevent this from happening?

  3. Have you appreciated the fact you have survived this ordeal and been grateful for the good outcome?

  4. Do you stop yourself from reliving those dreadful moments over and over again?

Appreciating and being grateful for every little success would be an important step.

Wellness is a journey.

Take time to reflect and enjoy the progress you have made.


Does Wealth guarantee health?

Understanding you are wiser and not simply a victim of your past.

I am a part of several coaching groups. I meet the most enterprising entrepreneurs.

However, it is almost like their waistline grows with their successes.

A wealthy person may not be well but his focus is always on wealth and nothing else. So the possibility is that he/she will have wealth and no health.

It is amazing they can diagnose and treat the issues within their business and even prevent problems, all the while they are going through this process of total self-annihilation.

How do they not see it?

When you speak with them the desire to never be “poor” is so strong that nothing else matters.

What do you focus on so much that you trample over something you value but have taken for granted?

Here are a few habits that will help you be healthy and not just wealthy

  1. Hire a trainer. Something that gets measured and reported will show results.

  2. Put it on your schedule like an important meeting you have to beat.

  3. One hour a day disconnect with the world( for centuries people have run businesses without internet and phones. If your business will fall apart because you cannot be reached for an hour a day you don’t have a solid business but a liability.

  4. Hire a life coach to keep you on track for all other important things in life.

It is not feasible to focus on all areas of our lives simultaneously, however, having a coach helps us prioritize and focus in a stepwise fashion, does help overall growth and well being and bringing the balance we all seek.

Does health guarantee wealth?

Feeling well with good physical energy, mental well-being, and social strength is a great place to be.

We all have something equal.

24 hours in a day.

Just a feeling of true wellness makes us utilize this time toward being constructive and productive.

Here is what makes us both healthy wealthy and wise.

It is not simply getting early to bed and early to rise.

Here are traits I see of truly well people

  1. They are excited about life.

  2. Everything is purpose driven. It may be something very personal, like “I love to travel around the world”.

  3. They have great respect for themselves and others.

  4. They seem to have boundaries. They say no when they mean


    , and yes when they want to.

  5. They actually make finding wealth very effortless. It is a state of mind almost.

  6. Health is a must and wealth becomes a choice by default.

Health is that powerful.

A healthy man will always get to be wealthy and wise if that is the focus.

So here is a summary the 3 steps you need to take

Health wealth and wisdom are 3 best friends but health brings them together

Celebrate your successes even if they are tiny.

Prioritize and have a coach help you with that which is not your focus, but yet is important.

Optimize your health and thought process the rest will follow.

To know for sure if you are healthy can be a challenge. Sometimes we just tolerate symptoms till it is too late.

Here is the checklist to help score yourself and get the help you need.

dR.Nisha Chellam MD
Founder of Holistic and Integrative Center of Novi (HolisticICON)