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Why I chose The holistic approach

They say when you hit rock bottom you you need to take those rocks and use them to build a solid foundation to rebuild your life.
I can tell you in my story this true.
See I never saw this coming.
I never expected to have my life flipped upside down in a number of weeks and this time nothing would fix it.
This time things would never be the same.
The day I lost my mom my entire life changed.
I was sad of course, but mostly I was mad.
See I was a nurse for 10 years at this time and I have seen it all.
I knew that health care was changing but, I just thought it was part of the times.
Sicker patients. Staffing issues. Stress filled days of 12 hour shifts that were more like 14 by the time the day was through.
However, this time I was on the patient side. For the first time in my 10 years in the profession I was able to see how  hospital conditions, poor staffing and over worked staff affected the patient.
And this time– the patient was my mom.
As you can imagine after her demise, it made my days as a nurse very difficult.
Not because I didn’t love my job but, because I loved my patients and the people more.
I had nightmares that something would happen while I was busy with one and not able to see what was going on with another.
After time this wore on me.
I prayed a lot about it.
A point come where you just go and say “dang it I am going to do something about this”.
Crazy to think I could try to change our healthcare system or make a difference.
We all know the regulating bodies and massive pharma companies have complete control over that.
Yet, I kept hearing this whisper in my ear that was telling me I could do something. That I could help people get better and recover from their illness and not become just another statistic. It was then I remembered a story my mom once told me. It was called “THE LIGHTHOUSE vs THE TUGBOAT”
A LIGHTHOUSE can help save boats. It does so by shining its light far and wide and so many boats will benefit as it shows the way.
A TUGBOAT can help save boats too, however it can do so only one at a time and can sometimes be too late for some than others. So I chose to be the LIGHTHOUSE that I may actually help more people by helping educate them rather than burn myself and others out by being just a TUG BOAT.

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Jennifer Fulmer

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