Here is what Alexander Heyne found while researching for this video:

7 Psychological Keys Behind People That Regularly Exercise

So what separates them from us anyway?

Why is it that Cindy-Lou Hoo exercises all the time, and appears to love it, while the thought of exercise makes me want to projectile vomit?

Here are some interesting (science-supported) facts about those who regularly exercise:

Long-term exercisers crave the feeling after exercise. On sluggish days, mentally thinking about the endorphin rush is a strong motivator for people to continue to exercise. I can also tell you this from personal experience – I actually crave exercise. I sit 10-12 hours a day to work, and once I get off work, I’m craving blood flow. The feeling I get after exercising, the blood flow, the feeling of being awake, the circulation pumping, the relaxed but energized feeling, is something I crave. Interestingly enough, people that are emotional eaters (that like exercise) can effectively replace the craving for food by exercising when they get a craving – because it releases endorphins and dopamine just like eating food does.

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