Hormone Imbalance

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It is time to gain freedom from the symptoms or hormone imbalance and/or menopause! Holistic ICON can help you reduce sleep disturbances, hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings and fatigue through our deep dive hormone evaluation and balancing program.

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Kiss hormones hassles goodbye! - $1760

If you’re struggling with stubborn weight, insomnia, irritability, night sweats, fatigue or other symptoms, this deep-dive hormone evaluation is for you.

Imbalance in hormone levels can greatly impact your body’s functioning. With this personalized program, we take the guesswork out of health testing and hormone balancing. If you’re seeking to resolve your symptoms quickly and thoroughly, look no further.

Program Benefits:

  • Blood test with insurance
  • Two (2) functional labs covered by us ($950 value)
  • Initial comprehensive hormone testing evaluation
  • Post-treatment hormone evaluation profile
  • Comprehensive health history with LivingMatrix
  • Two deep-dive appointments with Dr. Chellam, MD
    ○ Initial one-hour consultation to determine the root cause of your hormone issues and dysfunction. Includes thorough education and support.
    ○ Follow-up 30 minute appointment 90 days post-treatment

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Whole-Body Detoxification



Transform Your Health in 45 days! - $1597

Lose weight, sleep better, feel great, improve your skin, and get on a path to long-term health. Our group detoxification program provides the support you need to succeed in your weight loss goals and feel better – fast!

We provide the step-by-step process for you to successfully complete a 45-day detox. All you need to do is show up. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you!

Program Benefits:

  • Physician-grade detox nutraceuticals ( provided to you- $750 value)
  • Step by step guidance of rebuilding the gut
  • Step by step education on resetting hormones and metabolism
  • Clear skin conditions
  • Reset metabolism to lose weight
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Step by Step guidance on elimination and addition and the proprietary detoxification process
  • One (1) functional medical lab test panel ( hormone panel)
  • Unlimited access to online community offering group support, expert guidance and live sessions


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Personalized Detox Program

Premium-Level Guided Detox - $5797

Rebalance, rebuild and restore your health naturally in 90 days with this step-by-step guided detox.

Do you want guaranteed results with the added benefit of unlimited one-on-one private guidance and support? With this program, Dr. Chellam will personally get to the bottom of what is causing your “toxic”, “ill” and “sluggish” feelings to help you lose weight and build a sustainable foundation of health, from the inside out.

Results you can expect: Reduced inflammation, weight loss, an increase in energy, improvement in your skin’s appearance, resolution of blood sugar fluctuations, and feeling better than ever before!

Program Benefits:

  • A two-hour one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chellam to get to the root cause of your condition and disease process
  • Expert guidance: Access live Q&A sessions and receive unlimited support for 90 days via phone, email, and text
  • Comprehensive medical testing & results counseling: Blood test with insurance (if you have it) and detailed interpretation of results
  • Two (2) Functional labs covered by us ($950 value)
  • Comprehensive gut evaluation test
  • Comprehensive hormone evaluation profile
  • Comprehensive health history with LivingMatrix
  • Physician-Grade Nutraceuticals: receive your detox supplements from our trusted partners to ensure you are getting high quality, targeted detox support


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Lab Testing 


Discovery Testing

Uncover What Is Causing Your Symptoms! - $1947

Dr. Chellam will order an array of laboratory tests, often never ordered by traditional medical practitioners, to pinpoint the hidden culprits of your symptoms including imbalances, toxins, deficiencies, and/or infections. Ready to resolve your symptoms? Let’s get started!

This Service Includes:

  • Blood testing (with insurance) and interpretation of results
  • Two (2) functional labs covered by us ($950 value)
  • Comprehensive gut and microbiome evaluation test
  • Comprehensive hormone evaluation profile
  • Comprehensive health history with LivingMatrix, the gold standard in functional medicine evaluation
  • A 2-hour one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chellam to get to the root cause of your condition
  • Comprehensive education around your disease process


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In-Depth Testing & Personalized Results Counseling

Premium-Level Laboratory Testing - $2947

Have you had a long hard journey of health issues including weight gain, insomnia, constipation, infertility, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, fatigue, or other chronic symptoms?

The Holistic ICON premium-level testing package offers a deep dive into all of the systems and cells of your body to provide a comprehensive health check using a comprehensive array of laboratory tests.

If you’re seeking to obtain the clearest picture of all aspects of your health, this level of testing is for you. No insurance? No problem!

With this premium-level service, you will receive all Discovery Testing benefits PLUS:

  • Full traditional blood testing panels ($1,800 value)
  • Comprehensive functional lab blood testing
  • Micronutrient testing to determine deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites
  • Follow-up and continued education post-consultation


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