Where is your pilot flame?
    This is the question we all need to ask when we experience a disorder or symptom.
    Whether it be heart disease
    Can you point when it all began and how it all began?
    So think a little differently as that will get you to where you need to be.
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    Has the noise about saturated fat left you scratching your head?
    I cannot blame you it is leaving a lot of us doctors scratching our heads.

    Cholesterol is more complex than just adding coconut oil, butter, and ghee to your diet.

    It has a science to it.‍‍

    It is not simple as eating fat and good fat helps everything.

    It is more complex involves
    your lifestyle️‍♂️️‍♀️
    your genetics
    you stressors

    other hormones particularly insulin and thyroid.

    So to simply eat saturated fats or to keep taking cholesterol-lowering medicines without addressing the WHY may be a problem.

    Stay tuned for my article, for now, watch this video.

    I feel perfectly fine, just my blood tests are not!
    This is a common problem I encounter.

    Some blood tests like ‍‍

    Increased liver function tests
    Increased platelets
    Antibodies to thyroid
    Antinuclear antibodies (ANA)
    Low WBC count

    Can all symbolize a brewing issue.
    People seek help when they have symptoms. It should be no different if you have abnormal tests and no symptoms.

    Here is your next nugget to become your best doctor.️‍