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In Week #8 (last week of detox), down 13#, yea!
Leg cramps nearly gone. (none for several weeks, so stopped Mg++ supplement, and they returned – so restarted Mg++)
Constipation is history!
Healthier finger nails -> stopped using fingernail polish to keep from chipping/breaking


Dr. Chellam is the best!! The program works! I have not felt better in decades, feel great, look great if I do say so myself. I’ve lost weight but that was not my goal, though a loss of 50lbs does feel great! I want to say thank you for my life, a gift I didn’t know that I even wanted. New goals?? To have or be so healthy as to live life so complete that I would be old enough to die in my sleep!  Thanks again!
P.S. Thank you for giving me a program that has given me a healthy life and a healthy wife.


My blood sugar is down and I am more aware of what affects it both good and bad.
I have more energy and greater interest in all kinds of activities.
I’ve lost weight and dropped 2 slack sizes.
I am sleeping better which is a very welcome change.
I have a stronger commitment to maintaining an exercise routine.
Various aches and pains are gone!
I feel good about myself.


Where do I begin? I have had more successes than I expected including:
– Losing weight
– Feeling empowered and in control
– Being curious and informed
– Getting off prescription medication
– Learning to enjoy cooking
– Finding it easier to move
– Looking at life as a journey
– Realizing that being healthy is more than eating healthy food and exercising. It is using clean products in our home and decluttering, breathing, being in the moment.
Thank you Dr. Chellam and Holistic Icon for all your help.


Middle of the Program:
Initial blood work;
A1C on 6/13: 6.7
A1C on 7/18: 6.1
In 6 weeks I lost 15lbs of fat. Feeling more energetic and soon to go off Lipitor and BP medication. Looking forward to more successes!

Upon completion of the Program:
I started my program of reversing Type 2 Diabetes on June 21, 2016. I was on Metformin, Januvia, Lipitor, and Lotrell (blood pressure medication). I was headed toward insulin injections and more meds.
Fast forward to today Nov. 14, 2016
– Just changing my diet to a more plant based diet. I was able to shed 25lbs of fat.
– Taking 10mg of Lipitor down from 40mg
– No longer taking blood pressure medication
– My A1C dropped from 6.7 to 5.3
– In another 6 to 12 months, I should be off Januvia
Dr. Chellam’s program has worked for me.


Coming into the program I did not realize how much I could eat and lose weight, feel energetic, and sleep through the night! I have discovered new vegetables and fruits and many delicious recipes. I do not miss sugar, gluten, or dairy as the variety of foods available makes up for these. For years, I hated cooking. Now I have rediscovered “good” cooking and loving it, and the best thing is, I am healthier.


Not only is my physical health improving, choosing to invest in my own health and focusing on my physical needs as recommended in this program has catalyzed a mental, emotional and spiritual shift as well, so I am also getting better results in other areas of my life.


Not only is my physical health improving, choosing to invest in my own health and focusing on my physical needs as recommended in this program has catalyzed a mental, emotional and spiritual shift as well, so I am also getting better results in other areas of my life.


I’m happy to say that since starting this program I have lost weight, about one pound per week and I’m not hungry. The shake and diet are great and my hunger cravings for sugar and salt are gone!

Leah O.

I have been taking prescription medicines for more than 20 years. I am extremely happy to eliminate it. It could not have been possible without you. I cannot say thank you enough for this. But this is a start. This is the best thing that has happened in many, many years. Thank you for your invaluable mentoring these past few months. I’ve had fun getting to know Dr. Chellam better and I’ve learned so much about food and health from talking with her. Her passion to educate about benefits of lifestyle changes has been terrific. Dr. Chellam is amazing at what she does!


Initial blood work; A1C on 6/13 was 6.7 and A1C on 7/18 was 6.1 In 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds of fat. Feeling more energetic and soon to go off of Lipitor and BP medication. Looking forward to more successes.

Roberto Z.

Finding it easier to create enjoyable healthy vegan meals.
Meal planning easier – understanding recipes
Less hungry
A1C went from 6.7 to 6.1
Sugar levels improved
Can finally go off medication
Was able to discontinue Nexium


Less chemicals in my life
Insomnia close to eliminated
My new life 
Awareness of foods good and bad
Improved mood
No more infections
Choosing my health first
Managing my stress better
245 to 185 pounds
Anxiety under control
I know how to shop and how to prep food
Can keep up with my kids
Love to exercise. Running a 5k!
Can stay awake
Don’t look pregnant
No 2 week flu this year
Metformin only 6 more months!
Losing sizes faster than weight
I can meditate
Skin looks and feels amazing
No more addictions: caffeine, sugar, bread, alcohol, noodles
Rosacea is gone
Know my trigger foods
Everyone telling me how healthy I look now
Food is for fuel not emotional support
Preparing food is better than eating out
I did this for me
Organic is better
It’s ok to say no thank you
Champion of a healthy lifestyle
I can be a vegan
There are natural remedies for all problems
Finding meaning in my life


I began this program because my body was failing me. At 47 years old I was tired all the time, my energy level was very low and my stress level was very high. Whenever I did strenuous exercise, my body would react with aching muscles and cramps and burning that would last for days after a workout. I got to the point where I didn’t exercise at all and I was not feeling well physically or emotionally. I immediately eliminated sugar, processed foods, dairy and grains and after a few months I began the 28 day detox. Besides focusing on my health and what I put in my body this program has supported me in managing my stress and keeping organized, all of which has helped me immensely in feeling better and having a healthier and happier life. After the detox I have continued to eat healthy and take care of myself. I began doing yoga and I feel so good, my energy level is so much higher, I sleep well at night and I don’t feel tired during the day. I am so thankful that I committed to this program and got the support I need from Dr. Chellam and Tori to get through this program and come out happier, healthier and eager to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.


Feeling better Looking better Living better


I’m happy to report that since starting this program I have lost weight, about one pound per week and I’m not hungry. The shake and diet are great and my hunger cravings for sugar and salt are gone! I’m in the 1st week of detox, missing coffee, cup of herbal tea in the morning has continued. My husband says I have more pep in my step, the house is more organized. I’m making time to shop and cook more.


My quality of life was dramatically improved since participation in Dr. Nisha Chellam’s Wellness Program which included Interactive Wellness Life Coaching with Leesa Hansknecht at the Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center.
I have been looking for a Functional Medicine physician for years. One who would be proactive in working with me to obtain optimal health without the use of medical drugs. I found such a physician in Dr. Nisha Chellam and participated in her Wellness Program. Dr. Chellam’s Wellness Program provided me with expert health guidance and mentoring through informative workshops and classes including educational manuals and videos. In addition, medical blood work and saliva tests were conducted to determine where I was deficient and what supplements and lifestyle changes were needed to maximize my health. Coaching was also available for a nine week diet that included an integrative detox system.
Prior to discovering Dr. Chellam’s Wellness Program I suffered from a nerve issue in my neck which lead to debilitating headaches. My quality of life went from a 9.5 out of 10 to a 1 in a four month period. After seeing many medical specialists, tests, medications and hospitalization my condition worsened. I discovered, on my own, that my issue could not be cured with nerve blocks, medications, of other medical procedures. Physical therapy was needed to improve body posture to alleviate pressure on nerves in my neck. This is where the physical fitness portion of Dr. Chellam’s Wellness Program, Interactive Wellness with Leesa Hansknecht, helped me tremendously by preventing any setbacks with my neck and improving other physical issues. Leesa has a great staff and a wealth of knowledge on body mechanics, overall physical fitness and does a great job of motivating you. It was determined that Pilates would also be beneficial for me and Debbie Sawicki is a great instructor who inspired me.
My highest possible recommendation for Dr. Nisha Chellam’s Wellness Program including Interactive Wellness Life Coaching with Leesa Hansknecht at the Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center. If you listen and are willing to work these professionals can turn your life around or help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mark J.

The program helped me learn so much about healthy living! I’ve had my ups and downs, but ultimately all my labs have gone down since the beginning and I feel the best I have in years!

Lisa J.

Following the program outline improved my life long choices for the better of my well-being. I tell my friends and family to see Dr. Chellam because she has genuine consideration for her patients and will try her best to solve your medical issues


1) Healing in our bodies 2) Off lots of medicines
3) Weight loss 4) Look great


New way of eating! Losing weight!
Oil talk was very useful and interesting!


Thanks to the program I have been able to reduce my diabetes medication and have a plan and direction to eliminate it completely.


I was having issues with my joints, weight, and blood pressure, along with hot flashes. I’ve lost weight and my joints don’t hurt as much. The hot flashes have ceased. Yes!!! Doing the program has caused a paradigm shift in how I look at food. I’m going to continue implementing what I have learned!! I’m looking forward to being off my blood pressure medication.


Successes –
Big time! I really enjoy you program! Hope that I can enjoy some of your program later.
Wish you the best!


I started the program on September 22, 2015 and at that time I weighed 230 pounds. As of this writing, I weigh 189 pounds, a staggering loss of 41 pounds in about four months. Some people measure the age of dog in “dog years” (7aged years to 1 year of life). I jokingly measure my loss in bowling balls (2 ½). I want to lose more weight but I like the direction I’m going. As a result, my plain front slacks are now pleated. The end of my belt flaps in the wind. I went from XXL T-shirt to a large. I can’t wear my wedding and class rings any more as they fell off. I almost lost my wedding ring one day when I looked down and it wasn’t on my finger. Luckily, it had fallen off in my pocket. I now wear my rings on a gold chain around my neck. I’ve lost close to three inches off my waist. I’ve received compliments from friends about how I look. One friend whom I hadn’t seen since I began the program said, “What happened to the rest of you?” I have seen the results and have made a conscious effort to clean up my act. I no longer eat the way I did in dramatic ways you probably can’t imagine. I am committed to the program. I feel and look better.
The care and responsiveness my wife and I have received from you has been unlike any care we have ever received from a physician. You are attentive, you listen and respond by email or texts to any questions we have had in a more than timely manner. The program is well planned, based in science and the support in the form of written material and group classes has been tremendous. Your competence is unquestionable. For that we are grateful to have you in our lives.
The classes were well organized and helpful. I appreciated the class on how to read out lab results. The science was way over my head but I gained a better understanding of what you were quantifying. I am thankful that you can understand all of what was being measured. I have shared my “before” and “after” detox results with other health care providers. They were impressed not only in my progress but with the scope and magnitude of what you were measuring. I have never seen such thoroughness.


I really love the positive support Dr. Chellam and her team provide. The emphasis is on health and not losing weight. I have seen a definite improvement in both my physical and mental well-being.
My blood sugar has gone from a dangerous high of 9.9 (A1C) to a better 7.5 (A1C) and I haven’t even completed the detox. Without dieting or extreme exercise, I have released almost 25 pounds and I have given away all my larger clothes because I am confident I will never need them again.
I truly believe Dr. Chellam and her wellness program are saving my life.

Evelyn T.

The Holistic ICON wellness program has:
Provided me with an increased knowledge base regarding health and wellness.
Provided me with hands on experiences such as healthy grocery shopping and cooking.
Provided me with lab values beyond what a regular medical practice would.
Provided me with the continual reinforcement and positive motivation towards reaching my goals.
Provided a group setting to share and exchange thoughts, ideas and encouragement.
Provided 24/7 ability for me to discuss my concerns, questions, and success stories with Dr. Chellam.
Provided me the ability to lose 40 pounds and continue losing more.

The increased energy, health benefits, positive attitude and overall feeling of accomplishment this program has provided for me has surpassed my expectations


Significantly changed the way I eat and the quantity. Lifestyle has been changed for the better. I lost about 5 inches from my waist and 42 pounds. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now within accepted guidelines.


Dr. Chellam is a kind, and intelligent doctor who cares deeply for those under her watchful eye.


Holistic ICON has showed me the new way of living! I am in more control of what I eat and I have more energy. I am so thankful to Dr. Chellam for all her effort and help. The program moved me to be active again.