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Having practiced as a traditional medical doctor and then moving to functional medicine and seeing the impact, I have spent years figuring out why some people fall sick and why others stay healthy. This takes the understanding of an amazing machine – our body.

This course will give you the deepest insights and philosophy you need to have to feel healthy and also create a mindset for success and excellence in life.

Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Deal

I know this is what it takes and I know you will not find this kind of systematic, guided and detailed care anywhere else. Give yourself this gift, by signing up and committing to your future.

What is your investment?

$500 down, $380/month

As a special bonus for taking action NOW I am gifting you:

  • One one-on-one doctor’s calls with myself
  • Two one-on-one nutrition calls with Marina, my nutritionist

That’s a value of $1600!

What’s Included?


An in-depth knowledge, yet broken down into manageable pieces – so you can become an advocate for your health

Systematic Process

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step process so that you can start moving in the right direction, sustainably

Expert Guidance

Bi-monthly live sessions with a functional medical doctor, integrative nutritionist, and mind-set coach to create clarity and keep you moving forward towards your goals


Access to an amazing, generous online community to support and encourage one another

What Can Functional Medicine Do For Me?

Our programs, based on functional medicine: identify and remove allergens, parasites, yeast, bad bacteria and toxins that are making you ill, decrease inflammation, balance hormones, and reverse nutrient deficiencies with diet, good bacteria and natural supplements, & promote healthy lifestyle choices that allow the your body to function optimally.

Treat the Root Cause

Functional Medicine asks the vital question that very few conventional doctors ask: “Why do you have this problem in the first place? How can we address the root cause?”

Instead of simply prescribing prescription medications to treat symptoms, Functional Medicine address all factors impacting a patient’s health including inflammation, insufficient sleep, poor diet, stress, immune imbalances, hormone imbalances, trauma, emotional issues, lack of exercise, digestive issues, toxin exposure and more.

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