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5 Reasons why we are a sick and what we can do about it

5 Reasons why we are sick and what we can do about it A healthy outside starts from the inside. Credits: 123rf 22 years as a practicing physician I have heard the same complaint “Our healthcare system is broken”.82% of our 3.4 trillion dollars in healthcare is spent...

How do I know if this is my Thyroid?

Do you know what the thyroid does? ( if you hate reading just go to the Videos ) One of the most common questions I get is how do I know if this is my thyroid?   In this article, you will learn what the thyroid really is and how to determine if the problems you...

Good Gut Good Health

Who would have thought a world without antibiotics, sterilized water, antiseptics, hand sanitizers, sewers, and sanitation actually protected us from allergies? 1 in 10 children develop asthma; there are 10 times more incidences of allergy related symptoms...

Does Fat Flush Fat?

Have you been intrigued then confused by these headlines The 3 things you need to do to melt belly fat........ The 5 fat foods you need to lose weight ..... The one fat you need to add to your daily routine..... After years of asking people to follow a fat...


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