Dr. Tom O Bryan is well known for his expertise on gluten and it’s effect on disease processes. This interview is the best I have seen where he cites the best studies which have proven the theory behind gluten sensitivity and it’s impact on inflammation and health.

How most diseases begin as autoimmune disorders. Addressing inflammation which is the target of our wellness program is the basis of addressing most diseases’ root cause. Osteoporosis being a symptoms of malabsorption which in turn may be due to underlying non-celiac gluten sensitivity!  The presence of non –celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is real. There are several small studies that show the reversal of neuropsychiatric symptoms with removal of gluten from the diet.

The fact that several grocery chains are changing what they carry and restaurants offer healthier options is a testament to the world around us changing to our needs. It is important however to note once you gravitate toward processed foods even if gluten free you may be potentially exposing yourself to another group of chemicals added to make the product more tasty.
So let’s focus on eating healthy and staying focused on eating real food! Keep yourself well informed and proactive!

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