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When January comes around it is quite predictable to know the statement my clients would make even before I walk into the room.  “I know I have gained a few pounds but you know with the holidays and all.“

It pains me to see the guilt they feel after every holiday season.  So here are some quick tips to make this season great with no regrets for all.

This is the season when we have office, family and home Christmas parties. It is the season to meet with people whom you would otherwise have no time for.

There are 2 major hormones that get disrupted in the process. One is insulin and the other is cortisol. As we plan and prepare to be at our best and spend money we may not really have, the stress levels, even though may be the joyful kind, can raise our cortisol. This leads to increased glucose disrupting the insulin which can reach new heights leading to significant swings in blood sugar. The treats and food we eat and alcohol that we drink, not because we are hungry but because it is there, also leads to a lot of disruption and imbalance.

Here are 6 things you can do to avoid a major disruption of your hormonal balance:

  1. Step one is to create a plan. Make sure you have your day planned with what you will do, what you will buy and what you will eat. If you have a party to go to, keep you intake of fruit and vegetables really high during the day. Do not starve. Take a break to breathe or yawn as this reduces the stress levels.
  2. Make sure you eat on the day you have to go to a party. The quality of the food you eat matters. Keep with fruits and vegetables, juiced or as a soup. Do not starve as this is a sure way to overeat and disrupt both the cortisol and insulin which are fat storing hormones.
  3. Make sure you keep your bedtime. Several times we go past our bedtime again due to lack of planning. Really give up the time wasters like getting on facebook or social media, or watching television. Work on a plan for the next day prior to bedtime and stick with your plan. This requires discipline.
  4. Incorporate some exercise. It may seem far-fetched but parking away from the entrance and walking to the store or the office and taking the stairs all can add up. Make sure you are focusing on breathing and posture when you do these activities.
  5. Make no excuses if you slip and disrupt your schedule. “Cheat Day” and “moderation” are words of misguided advice. We never let an alcoholic drink in moderation or have a cheat day. If you have chosen to stay healthy once again stick with your plan and prepare by making a dish or 2 as a healthy options.
  6. Never underestimate the power of hydration. Drink plenty of water this season to keep well hydrated and help the body with its metabolism and elimination of waste products.
Above all enjoy truly and have great memories not monumental regrets. All it needs is planning and common sense.

Wishing everyone a spectacular and safe holiday season. From the team at Holistic ICON



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